[muffled crying in the distance] really good harmonies in musicals

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People usually only include the first 2 panels


I mean she was calling me before from the lounge room and I tried to answer but my throat is too sore to reply and my knees hurt to much to walk down, so she just yells for a few more minutes and then gives up and instead of, oh idk, actually getting out of her chair and leaving the TV for 2 secs she uses the home phone to call my mobile? I mean she hadn’t seen me in hours and she knows I haven’t eaten all day and I could be sick or hurting or anything but nothing ever trumps watching TV. Just a tiny fucking smidgen of concern is all I’m asking for.

Like I’m literally writhing in pain and crying on the floor in front of her and all she does is yell at me for being selfish and ridiculous for not putting the recycling out yet???

I try and talk to my mother about how neglected I feel but all she does is roll her eyes and groan.